Selected Publications

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B. S. Schmekel
Quasilocal Energy of a Charged Rotating Object Described by the Kerr-Newman Metric
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Preprint: arXiv:1811.03551

B. S. Schmekel
Quasilocal Energy of a Rotating Object Described by Kerr Spacetime
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Path Integral Over Black Hole Fluctuations
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B. S. Schmekel, Richard V. E. Lovelace and Ira M. Wasserman
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Preprint: arXiv:astro-ph/0409645

B. S. Schmekel, G. H. Hoffstaetter and J. T. Rogers
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Proceedings of PAC03, Portland (May 2003)
Preprint CBN 03-12 (2003)

B. S. Schmekel
Auf Polarizationseigenschaften des reflektierten Strahles basierendes Refraktometer
German Patent Office, Pat.Nr. 19805853 (text only), Gebr.Must. 298 02 464.0
(25.03.1997 DE 197 12 452.6), Munich Germany (1998)